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The Perfect Park is Waiting for You!

Morrow is home to 11 lush parks that provide the ideal settings for your recreation needs, whether that entails working out, enjoying a picnic or playing with the kids.

If your main motivation for visiting a park is to work out, Morrow has many options for you. Barton Memorial Park, located along Meadowbrook, provides running trails and in the future will include a skate park and a splash pool. Reynold's Nature Preserve is a great place to walk and take in breathtaking scenery. Jim and Peggy Millirons Park will soon be a destination point along Morrow's future Jesters Creek Trail System.

For those who love to relax at a park, try Charles Sorrow Park on Patricia Drive, a tranquil haven for those who enjoy reading a good book in the outdoors. John Robert Park is another meditative retreat in the heart of Morrow, located on John Robert Drive, as is Frost and Thelma Ward Park located at the junction of Rickenbacker Circle and York Road.

Families in Morrow can always take their kids to play and enjoy a nice picnic at one of our many parks equipped with playgrounds and picnic tables:

• Shirley and Wendall Watterson Park
• Milton Daniel Park
• J.L. Christian Park
• Parker E. Duffey Memorial Park
• Melvin and Jean Newman Park
• Hammack Park

Morrow's parks are the perfect escape for everyone. You can be sure there is a perfect park waiting for you, here in Morrow!

City of Morrow Pathway

The Morrow Pedestrian Path System offers a beautiful, safe and easily accessible environment to move around without the use of vehicle. Visitors can also exercise, walk pets, visit with neighbors and simply enjoy the outdoors. The path is nestled within our residential neighborhoods. It is a twelve-foot wide concrete path, which supports golf carts, walkers, bikers, strollers, and wheelchairs. The path follows along Jester’s Creek and connects such destinations spots as Morrow City Hall, Hammack Park, Millirons Park, Walmart, Morrow Elementary and Huie Park. Also connected are the neighborhoods of Hammack, Graceland, Burbank, Continental, Navaho and West Wood Way. Such amenities are important to our quality of life, recreation opportunities and ultimately our property values.

The path system’s construction was made possible through grants awarded by the Georgia Department of Transportation, TE Program (Transportation Enhancement). Support by our GDOT 13th Congressional District Board Member Dana Lemon was essential to the success of the path. The path system was built to offer Morrow residents an alternative to vehicular travel, but also to give Morrow citizens something beautiful to enjoy while remaining safe and close to home. The pedestrian park is approximately four miles in length from Millirons Park to Oakridge to Navaho to Burbank and on to Westwood Way. Recently the City of Morrow added signs along the path to signify different sections. These color-coded signs allow callers to more accurately place themselves on the path system should a need to call 911 arise.

Such a picturesque path system is a treasure for this community. Many citizens and guests have already discovered it and enjoy the path each day. We hope that you will all take the time to become acquainted with the Morrow Pedestrian Path System, begin to utilize it as an alternative to traveling in your vehicle and to take walks and enjoy this beautiful city. The next phase of the path system is currently under design and will be built over the next two years. For more information about the path, including joining an email group to receive updates and event information, please contact Grants Administrator Sylvia Redic at 678-902-0889 or via email at

Newman Wetlands Center

Morrow is also home to a unique wetlands and environmental education facility, Newman Wetlands Center, which is host to interesting exhibits and a boardwalk trail that takes you through a wetland full of exciting wildlife and plant species.

Atlanta Beach

Near to Morrow you will find Atlanta Beach. The Beach at Clayton County International Park is Atlanta's "park inside a park". Offering a variety of recreational activities that will keep your friends and family entertained all year long. In addition to The Beach, water park and concert facilities are open during the summer season. The park provides acres of fishing lakes, picnics areas, and bike trails for year round family entertainment. Site of the 1996 Olympic Beach volleyball tournament, The Beach has a world class beach volleyball venue.

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