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Can I burn trash or leaves?

City of Morrow residents may obtain a permit for outdoor burning between October 1st and April 30th. Outdoor burning is banned in the metro Atlanta area between May 1st and September 30th. Residents are allowed to burn leaves, small limbs and pine straw only. Large limbs, trees stumps, construction materials and garbage may not be burned. Burning shall not start before 0900 AM and shall be extinguished by dusk. No burning shall be conducted without having first obtained a permit from the City of Morrow Fire Department, call 770-961-4008 to obtain a burn permit. Permits are good for one day only and may be revoked for cause. There is no cost for a residential burning permit. If you have questions concerning outdoor burning call the Fire Department at 770-961-4008. Open burning without a permit is subject to a fine and a court citation. The Fire Department shall make the determination to approve or not approve open burning for the day based on: current weather conditions, future weather forecasts, State wide burn bands, Red Flag warnings, or other factors.

Important items for residents each time a burn permit is issued:

1. An adult must be present while burning.
2. A water hose shall be readily accessible while burning.
3. Piles of leaves, small limbs or pine straw shall be no larger than 4ft x 4ft.
4. No burning before 0900 and all fires must be extinguished before dusk.
5. Permits can be revoked by Fire Department personnel for cause. Cause may include but is not limited to:

a. Complaints by neighbors.
b. Excessive burning.
c. Change in weather conditions.
d. Noncompliance.

How do I get a copy of a Fire or EMS Report?

Contact Deputy Chief Jeff Moss Monday thru Friday 0800 to 1700 at 678-902-0938.

Can the Fire Department burn the old house on my property?

No. Due to strict regulations set forth by the EPA it is no longer feasible for the fire department to conduct this type of event.

Does the Fire Department install child car seats?

No, but you can contact Safe Kids Clayton County at 678-610-7262 for information.

I have a question regarding fire codes, who do I contact?

Call the Fire Marshal's office at 678-902-0934.

I would like information on fire safety and education, who should I contact?

Call the Fire Marshal's office at 678-902-0934.

How do I get a smoke alarm?

Call the Fire Station office at 770-961-4008, the smoke alarm is free and we will install it for you.

How do I join Morrow Fire Department, and what's the starting salary?

Applications are taken through-out the year, to apply go to the city's web site at and click on the careers link. Salary will be determined based on qualifications.

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Contact Information
Morrow Fire Department
Chief Roger Swint
1500 Morrow Road
Morrow, GA 30260
Phone: 770-961-4008
Fax: 770-960-1631

Deputy Chief of Operations
Chief Jeff Moss
1500 Morrow Road
Morrow, GA 30260
Office: 678-902-0938
Cell: 770-851-0841

Fire Marshal's Office
Division Chief William Piper
1500 Morrow Road
Morrow, GA 30260
Office: 678-902-0934
Cell: 678-708-1397

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