Shoulder Patches

The Morrow Police Department does not process requests for shoulder patches.

The Morrow municipal government began under a charter granted by the Georgia Legislature on March 2, 1943. The first Chief of Police was James M. Collins. He served Morrow from 1961 until 1965. It is believed that Chief Collins's white shirt and black pants uniform displayed a shoulder patch in 1962 but the exact patch is not known.

The first record of a shoulder patch is 1969. This patch was a generic style patch used by many other police agencies across the United States. This patch displayed the City of Morrow's slogan (City of Churches) because of the large number of churches in the small town.

The second shoulder patch used by the Morrow Police Department was sketched by Police Chief Dorsey Manning around 1972. The many points to the patch made sewing the patch on the uniform shirt a difficult task. This patch acquired the nickname "Acorn".

The third patch was a modified version of the second patch. It was introduced around 1978 after complaints from officers and seamstresses. A wide border was added that made sewing the patch to the uniform much easier. This patch was unpopular with the officers and was replaced with the previous patch less than one year after it was introduced.

Around 1981 Chief James C. Rodgers commissioned Banner Uniform Company to create the department's fourth shoulder patch. The white gears under the eagle were added to represent the City of Morrow's logo, "geared for quality growth". The Special Response Team rocker was added to the uniform of SRT members by Chief David J. Rayburn in the mid-1980s.

The fifth Morrow Police Department patch was designed by Major Charlie Sewell in 1989. The gears were colored solid yellow to show contrast with the State of Georgia. The quality of embroidery by the manufacturer was unsatisfactory and the patch was worn for only one year.

The current Morrow Police Department shoulder patch (number six) was first worn in 1990. The previous patch was modified to improve the aesthetic appearance. The gears were removed because detail was lost with their small size and a different manufacturer was use for the embroidery.

The VICE shoulder patch was created in late 2006 to herald in the creation of the Sheriff’s Joint VICE Task Force. This patch is designed and produced in a subdued format only due to it being worn on tactical uniforms and raid jackets. The patch features CCSO - Clayton County Sheriff’s Office and MPD - Morrow Police Department on the north and south points of the sheriff’s badge outline. The areas around the badge are embroidered with images emblematic of the crimes the unit is charged with fighting; illegal alcohol, prostitution, illegal narcotics, gambling and organized crime. The skull and crossbones in the middle of the patch are representative of the death and destruction these crimes visit on society.

City of Morrow Mission Statement:
"To create and maintain an environment that provides ethical leadership, exceptional services, and the highest quality of life for the citizens, employees, and customers of the City of Morrow."